poet’s row

JAMES MILANESI is a shadow puppet with teeth. His work can be found in anything Poet’s Row or at @jamesmilanesi. 

NOAH DAVID ROBERTS is a poet and artist attending University of the Arts. Roberts is the author of four poetry collections: Us v. Them, Strips, Slime Thing [and other poems], and Final Girl Mythos. Roberts has poems published in Anti-Heroin Chic, Tribes Magazine, Horror Sleaze Trash, and more. Their new collection of poetry is slotted for release in 2023.

CHRISTIAN BUFO is a poet and photographer living in Berwyn, PA. They have been published in E-ratio, Impossible Archetype, Stone of Madness Press, Harbinger Asylum, and Sortes Magazine.

ALEJANDRO SANTANA - more a pancakes kind of girl right now.

MACKENZIE FAREL is a Philly-based visual artist, writer and educator. She uses writing and mixed media techniques as a way to listen to, communicate, and engage with others. Her art practices situates itself at the intersection of pedagogy, visual arts, communication, and social practice.

DIA BECKER is a writer living in Philadelphia. Her artistic vocation is finding beauty and humor in everyday paradox. Dia’s work has been featured on Huffpost, Betches, and EDM.com